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Personal Insurance

Personal insurance should be just that—personalized.

Get the advantage of using an independent broker like American Tejas Insurance Services. It’s similar to buying clothes. If you go to the store to buy blue pants, but all the store has is black pants, you go somewhere else. It should be the same with your insurance. If you are insured with a direct writer, then you are only getting one color of insurance to choose from. In our opinion, direct writers of insurance have conflicting interests. They try to serve you, but are contracted to serve the best interests of the insurance company. If that carrier gets uncompetitive or begins to have service or claims issues, that agent cannot move you to another carrier. That is not in your best interest. How do we know? Our CFO was a direct writer for 17 year before cancelling his contract with Nationwide Insurance.

Insuring directly with a carrier and bypassing the agent is not the solution either. Agents, whether direct or independent, have a vested interest in you as a client. If you have a service issue or a claim issue, no amount of clever advertising changes your dissatisfaction in having to call an 800 number and never dealing with the same person twice.

We have access to multiple insurance carriers for your home, auto and liability coverage so you’re not limited to one program that may or may not fit your lifestyle. With our guidance, you’ll be paired with the carrier or carriers that offer the best protections for your personal risk factors, tolerance and budget. It’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a trusty advisor on your side.

More than just your home and vehicle are at risk. Everyday activities like entertaining guests in your home, walking your dog and playing team sports can make you vulnerable to accidents. We help identify your exposures and reduce your liability from:

  • Lawsuits (prominence and wealth can make you a target)
  • Personal staff (housekeepers, nannies, chauffeurs)
  • Teenage drivers
  • Threats to personal safety and security
  • Personal exposures to business pursuits (farms, vineyards, family offices)

American Tejas Insurance Services also takes the guesswork out of the claims process. When you’re in a car accident, have a flood from a water heater leak, are burglarized or experience any other loss, we’ll help determine if you’re insured for the loss and the impact it will have on your rates if it’s reported. If you desire, we will file the claim with your carrier on your behalf and follow through for a prompt and fair resolution.



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